Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Is it a Crime?

So do you know what it means for something to become a crime??? It seems to me that there are many different factors that go into play when you try and decide what exactly has to happen for a crime to occur.

I talk to a lot of friends who know that I am a law enforcement cadet, and all of them talk about how that cops don't complete a lot because a lot of "crimes" go unanswered. Well in order to really understand what it means to be a "crime," you need to first understand what statutes say that a crime is.

According to Minnesota (I know I have a few friends in North and South Dakota) a crime is defined as conduct that is prohibited by a particular statute. So in other words, if a statute or "rule" says that something is not a crime, that by logical reasoning, it is not a crime. Does not matter what it says morally or belief wise, for that is a part of a person's freedom in the United States. So like for example when it comes to traffic violations. Once again according to Minnesota "rules" a traffic violation is a petty misdemeanor which is NOT, I repeat NOT a crime. NO jail time is allowed for these type of rule violations. Why that is? It is because Minnesota statute says otherwise. The only time that any traffic violation would become a crime is if there is fleeing from police or you are operating a vehicle with a suspended license or driving a stolen car. So all in all most times when it comes to traffic then are not crimes. But like I said before, it all depends on the situation that are in and what needs to happen.

So based on what I just told you about violations, what do you consider a crime??? Why does the state of Minnesota think other wise? Do you think that the legislators who write these statutes have any morals or beliefs??? If so, why do you think that they talk about the fact that, you might think this is morally horrible, but the statute says that it is not illegal. Why is that???

I would love to hear back from people, why people do this??? Why do people assume with out knowing the law???

Here is your thought for the day!!!

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